Gary and Kevin are retired daredevils who live in a nursing home.
They still talk about coming out of retirement,but they spend most of their time reminiscing about the past.Right now they’re having lunch in the cafeteria.

Kevin: Man,I am so sick of this place.This is like prison food.I’ve had it
with this place.
Gary: I hear that.
Kevin: I mean,me,Kevin”Space Man”Connors,living in a nursing
home.Why,it’s a disgrace!I should be out there jumping over
sharks on a motorcycle.
Gary: Yeah,I know what you’re saying,man.By1969 I had alresdy broken
eight world records.Now I can’t even walk around the garden
without supervision.
Kevin: That’s exactly what I’m talking about! I had put my head in the
mouths of six lions by the time I was eight.Now I have to ask for
permissin to use the bathroom.
Gary: I’d never even seen a nursing home before my kids put me in
here.If I’d known what it was going to be like,I would’ve put up a
big fight.
Kevin: See,that’s what I mean.This is no life for us! I mean,had you ever
eaten food this bad before you came here?
Gary: Never.
Kevin: I mean, I’m “Space Man”Connors! I’m the man who had gone
over Niagara Falls in a barrel before anyone else had even
thought of it!
Gary: So what are you going to do about it, Space Man?
Kevin: I don’t know. I’m feeling kind of sleepy right now.

★daredevil=a recklessly bold person
★coming out of=stopping of
★I’ve had it this place=I’m fed up with this place
★I hear that=I agree
★put one’s head into the lion’s mouth=進んで危険に身をさらす
★put up a big fight=to resist
★I mean=跡に続く言葉を強調する
★kind of=rather

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