Akiko is retired so she often spends her free time traveling.After she comes home she tells her English teacher Jeremy about her trips.Recently 、she paid a visit to her hometown,which she hadn’t visited for several years.

Jeremy:Akiko, I heard that you visited your hometown over the break.
How was it?

Akiko: It was marvelous.Not having been there for over four years, I was
really surprised to see all of the changes that had been made.

Jeremy:Is that so? Was it really different from how you remembered it?

Akiko: Yes,but in a good way. The ratty old theater had been torn down
and it had been replaced with a shopping mall.There was a
fifty-year-old-hotel downtown. It had been turned into a
casino. Also,the woods near my house had been cut down and
replaced with a small amusement park! The only thing that
 disappointed me was that my favorite ballroom dance club had
 been demolished to make way for a boring library.

Jeremy:Well,gee,Akiko,that doesn’t sound so good to me. It sounds like
      your quaint little hometown is suddenly becoming completely
      urbanised.I mean,didn’t you feel even bit disappointed that those
       nice old buildings had been torn down?

Akiko: Hmm.Now that you mention it,I did feel sad they had torn down        the old lighthouse.I used to go there all the time when I was a

Jeremy: And surely the library can’t be that bad,can it?

Akiko: Well it does have a very nice atmosphere.The problem is,now
      there’s nowhere else in town for me to go dancing!

make way for=clear the space
quaint=attractively unusual,esp.in an old-fashioned style

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